Worship Music Ministry

Who We Are:

We are a group of musicians, vocalists, and A/V/L technologists who love to lift up the name of our God in worship music and technical support. We practice weekly and make up a major portion of both of our Sunday services.

We have two worship services styles: at Cafe Church we have simple instrumentation with two guitars and small acoustic percussion, at our 11:00 service we have a full band format with drums/percussion, guitars, bass, keyboard, and a vocal team.


Our vision is to “ignite a consistent and excellent atmosphere of worship.”


to the presence of God
to truth in lyrics
to the body of believers

His sovereignty
His grace
His character

towards God
in service
to one another

anthematic truths
the gospel
the cross

edification by truth
edification by the body
edification by the Spirit

freedom of expression
freedom of engagement
freedom from bondage


Get Involved:

We are always looking for people who have an attitude of worship to get involved in different areas. If you regularly attend Trinity, get excited by the vision and values of the team, and have musical, vocal, or technology talents – we would like to meet you!